Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Competitive Grants

The Leopold Center supports projects in a variety of areas that enhance sustainability for all Iowa agriculture. Since 1988, the Leopold Center has operated a Competitive Grants Program that has funded more than 500 Iowa-based agricultural and research projects in every county in Iowa.

About the grant process

The Leopold Center’s Competitive Grants Program is open to all Iowa educational and non-profit organizations. Each year, the Center selects new research and demonstration projects to fund. A Request for Pre-proposals (RFP) is issued in June of each year for funding in the next calendar year. See this year's RFP.

More information for grantees   - This page shows where the Leopold Center is in the current RFP process.

Abstracts of completed grants

This publication includes abstracts from more than 300 projects funded by the Leopold Center from 1996 through 2013. Abstracts are listed by topic and year of project completion. Read the publication here.

Research Results

This is a quarterly e-newsletter that is distributed whenever new summaries of project findings are available. Investigators associated with all projects funded in the Leopold Center Competitive Grants Program are required to submit a final report at the conclusion of their work. These reports are summarized and posted on the Leopold Center website in two forms: multi-page summaries and one-page briefs. The Research Results newsletter has links to these summaries.

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Project Spotlights

Here's a sample of some of the projects we are funding.

Suitability of winter canola (Brassica napus) for enhancing summer annual crop rotations in Iowa
Growing winter canola after summer annual crops such as corn or soybean might improve grain production and soil management, but represents a challenge in the cooler climates of the Upper Midwest. Investigators will conduct field trials to test the viability and short-term profitability of incorporating winter canola into the corn-soybean rotation, either as winter cover crop or as a third cash crop frost seeded with red clover. They will examine the effect of seeding date on winter survival, calculate ground cover and track nitrogen uptake.