Use of grazing management to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while increasing soil organic matter and water-holding capacity of cool season pastures in southern Iowa

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The investigator’s long-term goal is to quantify the effects of grazing management on the flux of major greenhouse gases, and assess the relationships among greenhouse gases, soil organic carbon sequestration, botanical and chemical composition of vegetation, and physical characteristics of soil in southern Iowa grasslands. The grazing systems compared are continuous stocking, rotational stocking and mob-stocking, with the intermediate goal of demonstrating that proper grazing management can improve cow performance while providing ecological services.
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James R. Russell
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ISU Animal Science
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James Russell is a professor of Animal Science at Iowa State University. His area of research is forage utilization systems that optimize long-term return on investment in beef production and improve environmental quality through improved resource and grazing management, winter grazing systems, and use of supplemental feeds for forages.

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Tom Isenhart, ISU Natural Resource Ecology and Management, and Wendy Powers, ISU Animal Science
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