Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Competitive Educational Support Program

Two people in front of displayTGroup of people learning about farm equipmenthe Leopold Center will help co-sponsor one-time events, programs, workshops, conferences or displays that are educational in nature and support the mission of the Leopold Center.

The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture was established by the Iowa Legislature as part of the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act of 1987.  Its legislatively mandated mission is to identify and reduce negative environmental and socioeconomic impacts of agricultural practices, contribute to the development of profitable farming systems that conserve natural resources and cooperate with Iowa State University Extension to inform the public of new findings.

The Center’s work is organized in four Initiative areas – ecology, marketing and food systems, policy and cross-cutting – each aimed at enhancing the condition and viability of Iowa’s natural resources in varying, yet integrated ways.

Questions about the program

Who may submit a request?

Iowa nonprofit organizations, agencies and educational institutions that support the mission of the Leopold Center.

When is the deadline for submission of requests?

The 15th of each month, preferably two months before your event or program.

How much money is available?

Requests are limited to $1,000 for each event or program and must specify exactly how the funds will be used (speakers, scholarships; this program does not cover food or beverages.). For larger requests, please contact the Initiative leader or Center director.

How can I apply?

Contact Carol Brown, cbrown1@iastate.edu, phone (515) 294-5272 to receive a request form, or download a copy here:

What happens after my submission?

Proposals received by the 15th of each month will be reviewed within 5 days by a committee of Leoplold Center staff and one advisory board member, and you will be notifed within 7 working days. Proposals received after the 15th will wait until the following month for review. Please plan ahead!

What are my requirements as a fund recipient?

Payment for funded proposals is AFTER the event and applicants must submit an invoice for payment and a short report (1-2 paragraphs, 150-word maximum) with the following information:

  • Summary of the event
  • List or estimate of the number of attendees or participants
  • Results of event evaluation (if one was conducted) or your judgment about its success
  • How this activity supports the mission of the Leopold Center

Please submit invoice and report within 30 days of your event. We rely on state appropriations and funds designated under the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act for our operation, and public awareness of work supported by the Center is very important to its future success.

Recipients of Leopold Center grant funds are expected to acknowledge the Center in advertising, news releases, printed programs, and other promotional and publicity materials. Verbal acknowledgement should be given at any event or at interviews with the news media.  We also are happy to supply Leopold Center logos or Center publications for use with events and other project outreach efforts.

What else will the Leopold Center do?

Post your event on the LCSA website calendar (if applicable), document your report for use in the Center’s Annual Report (how many events sponsored, how many people)

Questions about the Competitive Educational Support Program: Contact Carol Brown, cbrown1@iastate.edu, phone (515) 294-5272

Current RFP for the Leopold Center's Competitive Educational Support Program [PDF]