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Leopold Center Grant Manual

The Leopold Center Grant Manual, revised in August 2011, contains useful information for organizations that are either interested in working with the Leopold Center as a partner in future projects, or currently are conducting research, education and demonstration projects through the Leopold Center's competitive grant program or research initiatives. The grant manual summarizes policies that may be of particular interest to organizations negotiating their participation in the Leopold Center grant program. The manual also outlines procedures necessary to apply for, conduct, change, continue and close out grants from the Leopold Center, and contains sample documents in the grant award process.

You can download the 48-page document as a PDF, or browse through the contents using the index below. Appropriate forms are included in the grant manual and available as single-page documents below.

If you have difficulty downloading any of the forms, contact the Leopold Center at leocenter@iastate.edu, or call (515) 294-3711.

If you have questions or clarifications about any of the forms or have budget questions, please contact accountant Kim Vo, (515) 294-9388, kvo@iastate.edu

Download as PDF

  • Introduction: Overview and grant terminology
  • Grant Agreement Policies for Grantees: Grantee qualifications, principal investigators, funding periods for grants, early termination of grants, methods of payment, allowed costs, intellectual property, publications and affirmative action
  • Grant Award Process: Request for Pre-proposals, full proposals, and awarding the grant
  • Grant Administration Procedures: Working with the Leopold Center staff, progress reports, payments to grantees, prior approval for expenditures, reallocation of grant funds, changing the total of grant funds, amendments to the grant agreements
  • Collaboration: Consulting agreements and subagreements
  • Renewal or Multiple-Year Grants: The renewal grant process, guidelines for the progress report and renewal request, no-cost extensions
  • Closeout Procedures for Grants: Expenditures, invoices and payments, final reports, closeout letter


Changes in the grant award process (UPDATED 8-2015) - PLEASE READ:

Important formspeople sampling vegetation in field

Proposed Budget for ISU Grants

  • Instructions (This is a Word file, updated 9-2015.)
  • Template (This is an Excel file - file also has Non-ISU info, updated 9-2015)

Proposed Budget for Non-ISU Grants

  • Instructions (This is a Word file, updated 9-2015.)
  • Template (This is an Excel file - file also has ISU info, updated 9-2015)

Forms for Grantees

Evaluating Your Leopold Center Project

Evaluation is an essential part of any Leopold Center-funded project. Evaluation helps document the differences our work is making in sustainable agriculture. Please take a few moments to listen to this presentation about evaluation by Corry Bregendahl, assistant scientist and evaluator at the Leopold Center. The presentation is less than 10 minutes in length. (NOTE: The lower-right button will open video in full-screen mode.)


Acknowledging the Leopold Center in communicationsman looking through binoculars in prairie

The Leopold Center relies on state appropriations and funds designated under the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act for its operation, and public awareness of work supported by the Center is very important to future success. Recipients of Leopold Center grant funds are expected to acknowledge the Center in advertising, news releases, printed programs, and other promotional and publicity materials. Verbal acknowledgement should be given at any event or at interviews with the news media.

  • Short credit line:

Funds for this project have been provided by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

  • Longer credit line (if space allows):

    Funds for this project have been provided by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Established by the 1987 Iowa Groundwater Protection Act, the Leopold Center supports the development of profitable farming systems that conserve natural resources. More information about the Leopold Center is available on the web at: www.leopold.iastate.edu, or by calling the Center at (515) 294-3711.

  • Leopold Center logo: Do NOT use the Leopold Center logo from this web site! To obtain a logo, send an e-mail to leocenter@iastate.edu, and indicate whether you need it for electronic use or high-quality print; and with or without a white background. A reverse logo (transparent with a dark background) also is available.
  • PowerPoint presentation: If you would like to include information about the Leopold Center in a presentation, here are sample slides that have been prepared for your use.

Download sample slides [This is a PowerPoint file]

  • Publications, brochures, other materials: Leopold Center publications are available upon request for use at events and other project outreach efforts. Contact leocenter@iastate.edu for more information.
  • Events, workshops and conferences: To publicize your event on the Leopold Center web calendar, send an e-mail to leocenter@iastate.edu with date, time, location; contact person (phone and e-mail), your web site address (if applicable) and a very short description. Event fliers and brochures also can be posted with the event listing as a PDF.