Meeting on-farm energy needs through conservation, efficiency and renewable energy

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A Farm Energy Working Group was formed to support the implementation of a variety of energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy practices to meet on-farm energy needs of Iowa’s small and midsize farms. Group members include representatives from organizations such as Practical Farmers of Iowa, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the Iowa Energy Center, as well as farmers with an interest or expertise in using renewable resources for on-farm energy uses.
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Kamyar Enshayan
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Center for Energy and Environmental Education, University of Northern Iowa
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Kamyar Enshayan manages UNI's Center for Energy and Environmental Education and directs several community-wide projects including Buy Fresh Buy Local and the Yard for Kids community health education program. He also works with UNI's Energywi$e, a program to reduce energy waste on campus. He is an agricultural engineer and teaches environmental studies as an adjunct faculty at UNI.

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Carole Yates, Center for Energy and Environmental Education, University of Northern Iowa

A working group centered on the demonstration and promotion of energy saving practices used meetings, field days and mini-grants to communicate with farmers.

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Can you reduce on-farm energy use by focusing on practical farm-scale things that farmers can do without a full-fledged state-run farm energy services organization or through utilities?


Yes, the Farm Energy Working Group used demonstration grants, presentations on successful national efforts, talks by Iowa farmers who are using energy efficient practices and/or renewable energy on their farms to make Iowa farmers aware of their options for and need to reduce fossil fuel use. But a full-fledged statewide program will benefit the state greatly by consistently providing the same farm energy services to all regions of Iowa.

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