Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Completed Competitive Grant

Exploring the role of multifunctional agriculture on the future of agriculture and rural development

Project ID: XP2010-03


The goal of this project was better understanding of the interplay between climate shifts and management practices as it affects soil organic matter (SOM) stocks in agricultural fields. Two advanced computer models were used to study this issue. [Keywords: WEPP, CENTURY, CARBON, EROSION]

Key Question: How can we implement multifunctional agriculture (MFA) in an Intense Managed Landscape? Is it even realistic and feasible? Which are the barriers for implementing MFA?

Findings: This project made progress in identifying the barriers.

Lead investigator: Thanos N. Papanicolaou, University of Iowa IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering


Kenneth M Wacha and Christopher Wilson, University of Iowa IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering

Year of grant completion: 2013

This competitive grant project was part of the Leopold Center's Cross-Cutting Initiative.

Topics: Conservation practices, Farming systems, Soils and agronomy, Watershed and ecoregion