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Green Lands, Blue Waters Partnership

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Green Lands, Blue Waters is a long-term comprehensive effort whose mission is to support development of and transition to a new generation of agricultural systems in the Mississippi River Basin that integrate more perennial plants and other continuous living cover into the agricultural landscape.

The 2015 partnership conference is in Minneapolis. Details

The goals of Green Lands, Blue Waters:wooded area around a river

  • Research, develop, implement, and promote profitable enterprises based on the products of perennials and other continuous living cover systems.
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders, including scientists and farmers, farm advisors, extension educators, input suppliers, bankers, processors, NGO personnel, civic leaders, faith leaders, and others.
  • Significantly expand the knowledge base regarding perennial crops and the use of cover crops in annual systems and their environmental, economic, and health impacts
  • Coordinate and build on related new and existing research, education, and implementation activities in the Mississippi River Basin
  • Heighten the public awareness, visibility, and focus upon continuous living cover systems
  • Develop an integrative approach to, and methods for, ecological and qualitative assessment of our work and outcomes that allow for as close to real-time feedback as possible