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The Leopold Center produces non-technical, illustrated reports with yearly summaries of all major programs sponsored by the Center. Request the current year's annual report from the Leopold Center by calling (515) 294-3711, or signing up for to receive our materials on a regular basis.

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2014-2015 Annual Report: Trees

Annual Report Cover

At the Leopold Center, our mission is to investigate alternative agricultural practices that allow producers to operate more economically while being environmentally sound. In this annual report, we highlight a wide array of activities we have accomplished over the past year through partnerships with diverse individuals and organizations.

As Aldo Leopold said, “conservation is a state of harmony between men and land,” and the Leopold Center aims to be that “place of understanding.” Each year, we take on new projects, but we don’t lose sight of the old ones. From discovering new strategies that protect our soils and developing local food systems to formulating policy recommendations and evaluating biomass for renewable energy, our work is a balancing act between all the different approaches to developing a more sustainable agricultural system.


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