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LC Logo Greenhorn Grazing Workshop - Module 5

Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Start: 10:00 am End: 2:15 pm

Location: Adair County Extension office, Greenfield, Iowa

Contact: Registration: Kathy Rohrig, Adams County Extension, (641) 322-3184, kohrig@iastate.edu ; Program: Joe Sellers, (641) 203-1270, sellers@iastate.edu

This is the last module of a popular five-part workshop series, Greenhorn Grazing, that has been offered in various regions throughout Iowa the past two years. This session will address winter feeding options, replacement heifer strategies and rations. The field portion will cover stockpiled grass pastures at a local farm and risk management with winter grazing.

The series was developed by ISU Extension and Outreach, NRCS and industry staff to deliver timely materials and hands-on workshops for producers interested in improving their forage management system. The 2012 sessions began in May. All sessions begin with morning classroom discussions at the Adair County Extension office in Greenfield. Following a working lunch, the afternoon portion will feature activities at local farms.

Grants from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the Iowa Beef Center, the Southern Iowa Forage and Livestock Committee, and NRCS help keep the series cost low at $75. Participants are urged to attend all sessions, but fees for individual sessions are available. The fee includes a meal and educational materials for each session.

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