Leopold Letter Winter 2012

Rotations reap rewards  That message seemed to ring true when national media shared results of a long-term research project exploring three- and four-year crop rotations. This issue outlines the remarkable lessons that ISU Professor Matt Liebman has documented in his Marsden Farm experiment. Director Mark Rasmussen also reveals the timely lessons gleaned from his family history about preparing for change, while Distinguished Fellow Fred Kirschenmann discusses the challenge of ending hunger.
Other features:  Meet the winners of the Spencer Award for Sustainable Agriculture, discover the unique perspective that women landowners bring to a farm, share the enthusiasm of our “superheroes-in-training,” graduate students working from behind the scenes on three Leopold Center research projects, and hear from urban farm guru Will Allen. You’ll also get to know a new advisory board member, learn about biochar as a soil amendment and glimpse at how some Australians are fighting drought.

Rotations reap rewards
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