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Research can take many forms and lead to many different outcomes. The ultimate goal is sustainability – for the landscape, Iowa’s people and natural resources. Below is a list of intermediate outcomes of Leopold Center-supported projects, partnerships and activities. Included are extension publications, in-house research projects, informative presentations and other reports – all with some link to the Leopold Center.

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Leopold Center Document These materials were written, reviewed or presented by Leopold Center staff. All other materials are related or based on projects supported by the Leopold Center.

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This is a guide to starting a shared-use kitchen as an affordable venue for new and existing value-added food production entrepreneuers, farmers and caterers. The 44-page toolkit includes insights from five shared-use kitchens operating outside Iowa, as well as perspectives from several people who are starting their own facility. News release

September 2014
Leopold Center Document Shared-use Kitchen Planning Toolkit
Alice Topaloff, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

This directory lists sources for seed, custom spraying and aerial application and equipment. It was compiled by Practical Farmers of Iowa for the Iowa Cover Crop Working Group, which is supported by the Leopold Center.

August 2014
Cover Crop Business Directory
Practical Farmers of Iowa

This four-page publication describes work of the STRIPS Research Team, Science-based Trials of Row-crops Integrated with Prairie Strips, in the context of an Iowa landscape and agricultural production. Findings also are presented from the team's experimental watershed sites at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Jasper County.

July 2014
Leopold Center Document Small Changes, Big Impacts: Prairie Conservation Strips
STRIPS Research Team

This is a guide for creating a program for pre-packed food boxes delivered weekly and picked up by employees at their workplaces. It is marketed to employers, such as businesses, universities and hospitals who want locally grown food more accessible for their employees. This was a collaboration with the Iowa Food Hub and ISU Extension and Outreach. News release  Newsletter article about this project

July 2014
Leopold Center Document Local Food System Toolkit 1: Developing a Worksite Food Box Program
Savanna Lyons, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture; Nick McCann, Teresa Wiemerslage and Nick Mabe

This 21-page guide is designed for aggregators -- businesses and organizations that create a single sales outlet through which large-volume buyers can purchase products from several local farmers. This fact sheet reviews the basics of coordinated production planning, explains how aggregators operate, and suggests things to consider when getting started. Examples are included from other aggregators.

June 2014
Leopold Center Document Production Planning for Aggregators
Savanna Lyons, Leopold Center; and Mary Oldham, Value Chain Cluster Initiative

This manual discusses operational and organizational issues related to sharing farm machinery for fruit and vegetable production. It includes five real-life case studies of growers who shared equipment, sample sharing agreements and worksheets for allocating costs fairly. Options for sharing, potential problems and strategies are discussed. The project was supported by a 2012 Leopold Center research grant and a one-year 2013 research grant.

June 2014
Machinery Sharing Manual for Fruit and Vegetable Growers
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach PM3064

This publication looks at what's been learned from research on sustainable land tenure arrangements through a special initiative with the Drake Agricultural Law Center, and other opportunities created by the Leopold Center's major investment in this work. More about this research here. More about the evaluation and other impacts of Leopold Center programs here.

May 2014
Leopold Center Document Funding Impact Brief: Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure (SALT)
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

This directory lists 75 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) enterprises in Iowa, shown by county and the 20 regions within  ISU Extension and Outreach. The directory will be updated annually; to provide additions and modifications, please visit www.leopold.iastate.edu/csa. This publication also can be found at the ISU Extension Online Store.

April 2014
Leopold Center Document Iowa CSA Farms
Leopold Center and ISU Extension and Outreach PM 1693

This is an historical case study of farm operations in the Upper Iowa Watershed of northeast Iowa that were shaped by the region's unique geography and culture. The study documents evolution of farming systems in the region over the past 80 years as farmers adapted to rapid economic and technological changes. News release

April 2014
Leopold Center Document Diversity of Conventional Farming in Northeast Iowa: Why Do Farmers Farm the Way They Do?
Alice Topaloff, Leopold Center Intern

This is an evaluation of seven one-year food system projects funded by the Local Food & Farm Initiative (LFFI). The initiative is funded by an annual appropriation from the Iowa Legislature and administered from the Leopold Center. For ever dollar of LFFI investment in these projects, another $17.92 was leveraged by project leaders and their partners.

February 2014
Leopold Center Document Local Food & Farm Initiative Program Outcomes and Impacts, 2011-2014
Corry Bregendahl and Arlene Enderton, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture