Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture


Spencer Award
Thanks to an endowment from the Spencer family, each year the Leopold Center honors a farmer or farm family, researcher or organization that has made a significant contribution to advancement of ecological and economic practices that make agriculture sustainable. Go to this page for details about the Spencer Award for Sustainable Agriculture. 

Cool Tools
The Leopold Center has supported creation of numerous tools and programs designed to help Iowa farmers and encourage use of sustainable practices. This page provides a handy link to many of the tools that are available.

Pubs & Papers
Leopold Center-supported projects often generate publications and other useful information. This page links to more than 150 publications, reports or papers related to a Center-funded project. The page also links to in-house research by Leopold Center staff as well as presentations and other information that has been written, reviewed or presented by Center staff. Check it out now.

Climate Change
This page outlines the Leopold Center's guiding principles in how climate change should be viewed and points to related programs and resources.

Managing Nutrients
The Leopold Center has 25 years of investment in agricultural research and practices to improve water quality. This page summarizes ways that Leopold Center-supported research has been used to manage nutrients in cropping and livestock systems.

Organic Ag
Projects in organic agriculture resesarch, extension and education represent only a small portion of the overall budget at the Leopold Center. However, huge strides have been made over the past two decades, thanks to Leopold Center support. This page provides a brief overview of the Center's work in organic agriculture and a link to a useful website, maintained by the Leopold Center. The site, Scientific Findings About Organic Agriculture, summarizes peer-reviewed research.

Useful Links
This page introduces some of the major partners and players in sustainable agriculture in Iowa, other efforts throughout the state, and other sustainable agriculture resources and programs. Resources for educators are listed on this page.

For the Classroom
Many of the grants funded by the Leopold Center focus on the science of sustainability and applied research and demonstration projects. However, education and outreach is an important component of sharing knowledge and technology, so sometimes grants result in resources that can be used in the classroom. This page shows various resources developed by the Leopold Center, were the outcome of grants and special projects, or are available from our major partners.

Local food
This project summarizes the statewide impact of the local food industry on Iowa’s economy in connection with efforts of the Regional Food Systems Working Group (RFSWG). It is based on data collected from 2012 and 2013, in cooperation with coordinators of the 15 regional food groups that comprise the statewide RFSWG.

Food hubs
This page looks at the growing number of food hubs serving Iowa and their economic impacts.

Year of Soils
2015 is International Year of Soils. Find lots of resources about soil health and why it's so important, especially to  A ldo Leopold.