Current Grants

Cross-cutting Initiative
Revision of Extension publication "PM 1713: Pasture Management Guide for Livestock Producers" [XP2017-03]
How does soil health differ between perennial and annual cropping systems across contrasting nitrogen fertilization treatments? [XP2017-05]
Enhancing the value of cover crops through utilization by beef stocker cattle [XP2017-06]
Impacts of cropping system diversity and input reduction on greenhouse gas mitigation, soil and water quality, and economic performance of Iowa grain systems [XP2017-11]
Optimizing nutrient management for Iowa hop production [XP2017-13]
Precision cover crop seeding with existing planting equipment [XP2017-14]
Promotion of the continued development of beginning bee keepers [XP2017-18]
Attracting pollinators and natural enemies to add value to Iowa agriculture [XP2012-07]
Use of adaptive grazing management to provide multiple ecological services while increasing profitability of beef cow-calf production in Iowa [XPSP2014-01]
Horticulture/Agriculture Education Studies 465 Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Website [XPSP2014-04]
The prospects and challenges of organic dairy farming in Iowa: A case study [XPSP2014-02]
Sustainably growing Iowa’s beef herds: Evaluating systems that provide economic opportunities while protecting soil and water resources [XP2015-15]
Long-term assessment of miscanthus productivity and sustainability (LAMPS) [XP2015-12]
Linking soil and water quality with crop performance across a continuum of tillage and management strategies, Years 2 and 3 [XP2015-03]
Impacts of contrasting rotation systems and weed management regimes on weed dynamics and agroecosystem health [XP2015-02]
Maximizing conservation and return of investment on farms in the Turkey River Watershed [XP2016-11]
Improving economic sustainability of beef cow enterprises in the Midwest by mitigating tall fescue-related heat stress and determining the value of shade in grazing systems [XP2016-08]
Climate change adaptation in grassland agroecosystems [XP2016-07]
Innovative Conservation Agriculture [XP2016-05]
Policy Initiative
Promoting improved water quality from Iowa farms: Opportunities for leveraging public resources to engage more Iowa farmers and landowners in water quality protection [P2017-03]
Who will own Iowa's farmland? A comparative study of farmland owners, tenure, and succession in Iowa [P2017-01]
Reducing local regulatory barriers to local foods Phase 2: Local foods and county zoning project [P2015-05]
Marketing and Food Systems Initiative
Online training modules and professional development: A national certification program for local food leaders [M2017-11]
Region 9 Virtual Market [M2017-10]
Iowa Kitchen Connect: Empowering, connecting, and training Iowa's food entrepreneurs [M2017-09]
Supply chain development in Northern Iowa [M2017-05]
Fresh innovation: Testing fresh processed products to increase food hub to school sales [M2017-04]
Latino groceries in the rural Midwest: Connecting tiendas to Iowa local food producers to amplify retail markets [M2017-01]
Supply chain management for Iowa regional food systems [M2015-11]
Building producer capacity for institutional food distribution [M2015-09]
Agricultural Urbanism Toolkit Years 2+3 [M2015-12]
Workflow optimization for Iowa regional food hubs [M2016-09]
Reducing challenges for Iowa’s beginning farmers through partnerships with Iowa financial experts [M2016-08]
Investigating feasibility of food hub node expansion in Dubuque, Iowa [M2016-05]
Ecology Initative
Scaling up the use of native perennial vegetation for water quality and landscape diversity [E2017-14]
Building the soil immune system: Do cover crops increase soil health and resistance to climate change? [E2017-10]
Improving soil health and water quality through better soil phosphorus assessment and management practices [E2017-09]
Integrating rye seed production and red clover cover into corn systems and nitrogen management [E2017-03]
Prairie pothole soils: Hotspots of nitrogen losses from Iowa agricultural landscapes? [E2017-02]
Quantifying nitrogen credits and impacts of cover crops on soil biology and health in vegetable cropping systems in Iowa [E2014-16]
Prairie contour strips: Demonstrating the importance of custom seed mix for biological integrity [E2015-16]
Improving soil health and water quality through better soil phosphorus assessment and management practices [E2015-13]
Impacts of landscape and on-farm diversity on the abundance and health of bee pollinators [E2015-06]
Blurring the lines between working and conservation lands: Enhancing bird and pollinator habitat using prairie strips [E2015-10]
Does increasing landscape diversity in farmed closed depressions (potholes) increase profitability and ecosystems services? [E2016-20]
Soil health in biofuel cropping systems [E2016-18]
What will it take to restore organic matter to Iowa’s soils? [E2016-13]
Micro-algae-based fertilizer for nitrogen and phosphorus loss reduction [E2016-12]
Investigation of bacterial community structure and antibiotic resistance and genetic mobility gene abundance in soils fertilized with swine manure [E2016-08]
Special Projects
Identifying 'heritage' chickens that naturally resist Salmonella contamination [DPS2013-01]