Fresh innovation: Testing fresh processed products to increase food hub to school sales [M2017-04]

Project Description: 

This project builds upon several previous studies that have allowed schools to begin purchased of local foods. This new venture would make it possible for school to purchase more local produce, and for preschools to start farm-to-school programs and/or make small, fledgling farm-to-school programs robust. The project goals are: to create a pilot program for early childhood facilities to provide free lightly process snacks to their classrooms on a weekly basis during the fall semester; to sell snack bags to a local school for use in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program; and to offer lightly processed products for sale to schools for salad bars and a la carte options.

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Georgia Windhorst
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Georgia Windhorst serves as the general manager for Iowa Food Hub, a nonprofit based in West Union, Iowa. Working with the food hub, she strives to help the region’s producers grow by connecting them with larger markets by developing relationships with schools, institutions and families in Iowa. Prior to her work with the food hub she studied environmental policy and Spanish at Luther College and worked regionally in various aspects of the local food system.