Goodbye to a Great Man

February 18, 2021

Paul Johnson, seated, center, with LCSA Director Mark Rasmussen and Elaine Spencer.
Paul Johnson (center) receiving the 2018 Spencer
Award at the Iowa Water Conference from LCSA
Director Mark Rasmussen and Elaine Spencer,
daughter of Norman and Margaretha Spencer

This week, we were all saddened by the loss of Paul W. Johnson, a great Iowan who lived and breathed
conservation and care for our natural resources. Paul worked long and hard on behalf of Iowa and then
moved on to leave his mark nationally as chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. 

He was one of the founding legislators who created the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act of 1987 and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. He continued to write and advocate eloquently for conservation
and natural resources into retirement. 

Paul W. Johnson obituary.

A sample of Paul's words and essays, which will continue to inspire future generations, are posted at
the Bleeding Heartland website. Read the article, "Remembering two giants of Iowa Agriculture" by Gene Lucht in Iowa Farmer Today, Feb. 25, 2021. 

Rest in peace Paul. Thank you for everything.