Identifying 'heritage' chickens that naturally resist Salmonella contamination [DPS2013-01]

Project Description: 

This project assesses natural Salmonella resistance in 40 heritage breeds of chickens from four different small (non-commercial) hatcheries in Iowa. The investigators will identify breeds that resist colonization by Salmonella in their intestinal tracts after experimental infection; confirm that these breeds are resistant to an important array of Salmonella strains; and identify the genetic traits conferring the resistance. The results will have implications for human food safety.

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Steven A. Carlson
Lead Investigator Bio: 

Dr. Steve Carlson is an associate professor of molecular pharmacology in Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine – Department of Biomedical Sciences. He investigates the relationships between receptors, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and the virulence of bacteria enteropathogens such as Salmonella.

Co Investigators: 

Matthew Brewer, ISU Department of Pathology
Diane McDonald, ISU Laboratory Animal Resources