Improving soil health and water quality through better soil phosphorus assessment and management practices [E2017-09]

Project Description: 

This project is a continuation of the study to assess soil health, sustainability of the corn-soybean rotation, and risk of phosphorus water quality impairment. The research project will provide science-based information to develop better guidelines to improve water quality and help stakeholders understand how soil P assessments in soil health tools relate to existing methods currently recommended in Iowa for crop production and phosphorus loss risk assessment. 

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Lead Investigator: 
Antonio Mallarino
Lead Investigator Bio: 

Antonio Mallarino is a professor in the ISU Department of Agronomy where he specializes in soil fertility and nutrient management. He has worked with the Leopold Center on numerous research projects. His undergraduate degree in agronomy and animal science is from the University of Uruguay; and his Ph.D. is in crop production and physiology from Iowa State University. 


Co Investigators: 

Matthew J. Helmers, ISU Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering