Iowa Kitchen Connect: Empowering, connecting, and training Iowa's food entrepreneurs [M2017-09]

Project Description: 

Iowa Valley RC&D will oversee this project of expanding IC Kitchen Connect into a statewide initiative called Iowa Kitchen Connect. Additionally, the group will establish a food business curriculum and training for start-up food businesses, and will empower and inform Iowa food entrepreneurs. The project has the opportunity to be a catalyst to inspire a new food entrepreneur culture in Iowa. Through comprehensive outreach to regulators, buyers, educators, and technical assistance providers, the project will strengthen the network and level of support for food entrepreneurs.

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Jason Grimm
Lead Investigator Bio: 

Jason Grimm is the food system planner for  Iowa Valley RC&D, in Amana, Iowa. He is the project manager for the organization's regional food initiative. He is also the founder of the Iowa Valley Food Co-op and was the manager until recently. Jason is also part of the Grimm Family Farm, growing produce, dry beans and poultry with family members. Additionally, he is the founder and advisor to Johnson and Linn County Food Policy Councils, which began in 2012. He holds a bachelor of arts in landscape architecture from Iowa State University.