Latino groceries in the rural Midwest: Connecting tiendas to Iowa local food producers to amplify retail markets [M2017-01]

Project Description: 

This research project builds on the findings of the project from 2016 "Latino groceries (tiendas) in the rural Midwest: An examination of food security, cultural identity, and economics" [M2016-06]. The project will increase the Latino grocery stores' capacity to serve as producer and/or marketer of local produce, pilot a program to build relationships between local food producers and tienda owners to increase availability and purchasing of local foods, and increase local food producer capacity to supply tienda produce needs.

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Lead Investigator: 
Jon Wolseth
Lead Investigator Bio: 

Jon Wolseth is a community and economic development field specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. His work supports Latino immigrant communities in Iowa with technical assistance to entrepreneurs and increasing civic participation capacity. Wolseth holds a bachelor of arts degree from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colo. He earned a master's and a Ph,.D. in anthropology from the University of Iowa.


Co Investigators: 

Lisa Bates, ISU Extension Specialist