Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture annual report reviews contributions in 2022

August 18, 2023

Shorebirds in wetlands in farm landscapeThe Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture’s invites you to review its new 2022 annual report, available online. 

The report reviews Leopold Center activities in 2022, including several projects that the center supported over the last year. These include:

  • A summary of research on the potential of biochar to stabilize carbon and mitigate gas from swine manure, contributed by Chumki Banik, a research scientist in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.
  • A study exploring effective communications with farmers about edge-of-field conservation practices, by Jacqueline Comito, program director for Iowa Learning Farms.
  • News of the growing interest in the Iowa Master Conservationist  Program by Kaycie Waters, agriculture and natural resource specialist, with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
  • Highlights of other projects that the Leopold Center helped make possible.

A financial report shows that the Leopold Center’s account balance has grown a bit over the last year, even as it has increased a base level of activity and maintained important support for students in the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA) at Iowa State.

“This report shows the Leopold Center remains committed to identifying and developing new ways to benefit Iowa through improving on-farm sustainability and profitability, supporting conservation of natural resources and promoting environmental education for all,” said Leopold Center Interim Director Stephen Dinsmore.

He encourages interested Iowans to consider submitting a nomination for the center’s Spencer Award to honor a deserving leader in agricultural sustainability (due this year on August 25). “And if you have a project that could further the center’s mission and needs a little help, contact me at leocenter@iastate.edu.”  

Stay informed about the Leopold Center and its current and recent activities at https://www.leopold.iastate.edu/.