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Farmer profitablity

Leopold Center grants and funds have been used to develop these tools and resources:

High tunnels

Food miles and food pathways

The Leopold Center has conducted a number of in-house research projects going back to 1999 on the concept of "food miles" and the way that our food systems work. The most commonly quoted paper was written in 2003, Checking the Food Odometer, which showed that food items traveled an average of 1,494 miles from farm to point of sale.

Supply networks


Food, health and climate change

Other resources

Food Safety: From Farm to Table ISU Extension and Outreach website 

Beginning Farmer Business Planning Toolkit  Marketing and business materials for producers of crops, poultry, sheep, and goats; developed by the National Sustainable Agriculture Assistance Program and the National Center for Appropriate Technology

Farm Employment FAQ  Practical Farmers of Iowa webpage answers common questions about labors laws, wages, trainees, volunteers and workers' compensationi on the farm

Regional Food Hub Resource Guide Download this PDF guide on food hub impacts on regional food systems, and resources available for growth and development; developed by USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.

On-Farm Food Safety Project  This is a national website funded by the USDA Risk Management Agency to help growers develop their own food safety plan.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass Contains stories, pictures and videos about USDA's support for local and regional food systems nationally using an interactive map.

Farm to ISU Iowa State University Dining local foods program. 

Selling to Institutions: An Iowa Farmer's Guide is made available by the Drake Agricultural Law Center in Des Moines.