Optimizing nutrient management for Iowa hop production [XP2017-13]

Project Description: 

Since 2014, there has been more than a 900 percent increase in acres of hop production in Iowa. Farmers interested in crop diversification turn to hops because it is an “alluring” crop. While hop production has its challenges, it is feasible in Iowa but more information is needed to ensure it is done in a sustainable manor. The overall objective of this project is to promote sustainable hop production in Iowa by improving nitrogen use efficiency and decreasing the potential for nitrogen leaching. The specific research objectives are to evaluate the effect of nitrogen levels on health, performance, and yield of Humulus luplulus var. lupuloides ‘Cascade’ hop plants; and determine the effect of select forms of nitrogen (urea, calcium nitrate and a urea ammonium nitrate) fertilizer on growth and yield of ‘Cascade’ hop plants.

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Diana Cochran
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Diana Cochran is an assistant professor in the ISU Horticulture Department and has been in this position since 2014. Prior to coming to Iowa State, Cochran completed post-doctoral work at the University of Tennessee. She earned a B.S. and an M.S. in horticulture from Auburn University, and a Ph.D. in agricultural science at Mississippi State University. 

Email: dianac@iastate.edu

Co Investigators: 

Bryn Takle, ISU Department of Horticulture