Other video resources

Nabbing Nitrates: Before Water Leaves the Farm

These videos were produced for M&M Divide Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) with support from the Leopold Center and 13 collaborating groups. The videos show what happens below the ground to remove nitrates from water when various conservation practices are used.

View the following videos on Vimeo:

Land Tenure and Land Ethics

These videos were developed by the Drake Agricultural Law Center with support from the Leopold Center Policy Initiative. The videos, and a host of other resources, are part of the Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure project.

View the following videos on the Drake Ag Law Vimeo channel:

  • Women Landowners: Land Management and Conservation Conversations 
  • New Farmers and Women Landowners: Advice from Former Beginning Farmers
  • Conservation on Leased Land
  • Integrating Prairie into Cropland
  • Iowa's Land Tenure and Stewardship Policy Project
  • Helping Farmers Fulfill the Land Ethic
  • Leasing Land to a New Small Farmer
  • The Iowa Landowner's Duty of Stewardship 


ISU Horticulture Resources

ISU Sustainable Vegetable Production Lab: Under the direction of Ajay Nair, this lab has been conducting research on vegetable production on weed management, soil health and cover crops. View the lab's research videos. This work is supported by the Leopold Center.

Rainwater Catchment From a High Tunnel for Irrigation Use
This video is based on work done with a Leopold Center competitive grant.