The prospects and challenges of organic dairy farming in Iowa: A case study [XPSP2014-02]

Project Description: 

The primary goal of this project is to better understand the challenges that organic farmers in northeast Iowa face in managing production systems and supply chains in a rapidly expanding market for organic dairy products. The project includes a comparative overview of the profitability of 10 organic herds and four conventional herds. This project builds on previously supported work in northeast Iowa including the ISU Extension and Outreach Millionaire Model Dairy Farms project.

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Lead Investigator: 
Priyanka Jayashankar
Lead Investigator Bio: 

Priyanka Jayashankar is an adjunct assistant professor at Iowa State University. At the Leopold Center, she conducts research on marketing strategies and value chain development with a special focus on local food systems. She also teaches management at the College of Business. She has a Ph.D. in business administration from the Maastricht School of Management in The Netherlands and have conducted field studies in the microfinance sector.


Co Investigators: 

Larry Tranel, ISU Extension and Outreach, Dubuque County
Leo Timms, ISU Animal Science
Jennifer Bentley, ISU Extension and Outreach Field Specialist