Archive of Leopold Center publications at Iowa State University Digital Repository

Leopold Center projects often generate publications and other useful information. Housed in the Iowa State University Digital Repository, the Leopold Center has archived more than 150 publications, reports and papers related to a Center-funded project and other Center-related work. Housed at the Digital Repository are: completed grant reports, annual reports, conference papers, proceedings, Pubs & Papers, and the quarterly newsletter The Leopold Letter.


Cool Tools

Numerous tools and guidance publications to help Iowa farmers use sustainable practices on their lands are listed here. The Leopold Center has supported the development of these tools.

Managing Nutrients

The Leopold Center has more than 25 years of investment in agricultural research and practices to improve water quality. This page summarizes ways that Leopold Center-supported research is being used to manage nutrients in cropping and livestock systems.

Resources for Food and Marketing in Iowa

Links to many resources can be found on this page under these topics: Farmer Profitability; High Tunnels; Food Miles and Food Pathways; Supply Networks; Farm-to-Institution; Food, Health and Climate Change; and others.

Organic Agriculture

Projects in organic agriculture resesarch, extension and education represent only a small portion of the overall budget at the Leopold Center. However, huge strides have been made over the past two decades, thanks to Leopold Center support. This page provides an overview of the Center's work in organic agriculture. Another resource is the website: Scientific Findings About Organic Agriculture which summarizes peer-reviewed research.