Revision of Extension publication "PM 1713: Pasture Management Guide for Livestock Producers" [XP2017-03]

Project Description: 

In 1998,  group of research and extension faculty in the Departments of Agronomy, Animal Science, and Agricultural Engineering, published an Extension publication titled Pasture Management Guide for Livestock Producers PM 1713. The publication contained introductory information on a wide variety of topics related to managing pasture plants, livestock management, planning improvements in grazing systems, monitoring and evaluating grazing systems, and managing risk in grazing systems primarily at an introductory level and, where appropriate, cites other publications where greater depth may be obtained. Over the 18 years since its publication, more than 9,300 copies have been printed with sales of over 300 per year since 2002. It has been the primary reference for extension programs as Greenhorn Grazing, Certified Grazier, Grassroots Grazing, NRCS Training, and Women Managing Cattle, and has been utilized as a text in courses at Iowa State University and some community colleges.

While the majority of the information is still relevant, a number of subjects need to be added or updated. A team wtih expertise in agronomy, animal production systems, wildlife and pasture ecology, and agricultural engineering will address the issues and revise the document to stay relevant to the fore mentioned audiences.


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Patrick Gunn
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Patrick Gunn has been an assistant professor of animal science at Iowa State University since 2013. He earned his Ph.D. in beef reproduction and nutrition from Purdue University in 2013. He holds master and bachelor degrees from Purdue University. Gunn also is part of the Iowa Beef Center, specializing in cow-calf, nutrition-reproduction issues. 


Co Investigators: 

Adam Janke, Erika Lundy, Ken Moore, Dan Morrical, Joe Sellers, Shawn Shouse, Mary Wiedenhoeft, Justin Bisinger, Dan Loy
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach