Sustainably growing Iowa’s beef herds: Evaluating systems that provide economic opportunities while protecting soil and water resources [XP2015-15]

Project Description: 

Investigators will work with 24 beef producers using one of three grazing systems: traditional grazing, extensive grazing and limited grazing. Using benchmark data, they will analyze the environmental and economic sustainability of each model as well as the risk-bearing ability of each system. They will create case studies of practices for successful operations in each system for educational materials and a production manual for Iowa cow-calf producers.

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Lead Investigator: 
H. Joe Sellers
Lead Investigator Bio: 

H. Joe Sellers is an ISU Extension beef specialist working in Lucas County where he also is co-owner and partner in a farm operation. Since 1987 he’s advised extension clients on grazing and beef and sheep management in southern Iowa. He led the Chariton Valley Beef value-added beef initiative and several other custom grazing and forage demonstration projects supported by the Leopold Center. His contributions have been recognized by county, state and national organizations. He served on the board of directors of the Iowa Forage and Grasslands Council and the South Central Iowa Area Partnership. He has degrees in animal science and agricultural education and studies from Iowa State University.


Co Investigators: 

Lee Schulz, assistant professor, ISU Economics
Patrick Gunn, assistant professor and beef cow-calf specialist, ISU Animal Science