Previous Working Groups & Research Teams

Value Chain Partnerships 2002-2012

Value Chain Partnerships (VCP) was a network that brought together producers, businesses, and state and federal organizations to support new supply networks for farmer-led food, fiber and energy enterprises that follow sustainable practices. VCP was funded primarily by the Leopold Center and Wallace Winrock International. The project organized working groups to leverage funds and identify system chal­lenges, foster learning and innovation, and implement solutions. 

Value Chain Partnership Project Groups

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Fruit and Vegetable Working Group  2007-2011

The group was comprised of growers, buyers and various supporting organizations to strengthen the production, handling and marketing capacity of Iowa’s fruit and vegetable industries. The group developed several tools to help small growers with post-harvest handling. 


Small Meat Processors Working Group  2007-2010

The Small Meat Processors Working Group formed in 2006 with the goal of promoting rural development by helping small Iowa meat processors expand, upgrade or build new facilities. Small meat processing plants are necessary for the vitality of Iowa's agriculture and rural lifestyle, but they have suffered a sharp decline.

Pork Niche Market

Worked to foster the success of highly differentiated pork value chains that are profitable to all participants, that incorporate farmer ownership and control, and that contribute to environmental stewardship and rural vitality.

Food Access & Health

This group is a statewide network of food and nutrition assistance program providers and health professionals focused on advancing regionally–based food systems to improve the health of Iowans by increasing access to fresh and nutritious food. It now serves as a sub-unit within the Iowa Food Systems Council:

Value Chain Partnerships Fact Sheet [PDF] - A one-page file that describes the working groups and core functions of VCP. May 2011